Sunday, January 24, 2016

Moonlight Serenade

Very strange to wake this morning and look out to see moonlight and not hear rain.  It might be possible that we'll get a sunny day today, and wouldn't that be nice.

After another rainy night, I didn't need to put on a heavy jacket when starting chores yesterday because, lo and behold, the sun peeked out.  Fed the turkeys and chickens and made it all the way to the barn before the skies opened up again.  I'd no more than gotten the girls out of their stalls and into their yard when the wind kicked up and the rain fell down.  The girls complain even better and definitely louder than I.  I lost my privileges because there was just a light mist on my way back to the house and I escaped a soaking.

Turkeys and squirrels have been vying for the acorns pushed out daily from the first shed.  Looking out the kitchen window, I laughed to see a grey squirrel puff up his tail and charge one of the big toms.  The big male turkey leaped into the air like my mother when she saw a mouse.  It was a pretty small David to go up against Goliath, but he won.

Unfortunately, the break didn't last long and it poured all day.  Paying bills was on the agenda, so I needed to stay in the house anyhow.  I am, however, down to the last stick of firewood on the porch and so am very happy to see possibilities today to restock the rack.  Temps haven't been exceptionally low, but dampness seeps into the house and sucks the heat out.

Until this morning, I didn't even know we are in the full-moon phase.  Lovely.

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