Sunday, January 10, 2016

Wandering Mind

The sound track in my mind started playing "Sweet and Low (Wind of the Western Sea)" in the barn.  It was one of the few true lullabies I sang to my babies.  More often, I opted for less traditional songs like "St. Louis Blues."  Poor Kids, they never stood a chance.  In an all-girls high school, only one other gal and I had true alto voices so we were assured of being in the glee club and I got the starring male roles in all our plays.  I have a heck of a time with "The Star-Spangled Banner," and have to drop it a couple of octaves.  My dad had a lovely tenor voice, so I don't know what happened.  By now, I'm used to answering the phone and hearing, "Hello, sir."

Instead of true rain, yesterday was just drizzly and cold.  Unfortunately, one piece of mail thrown into the creek was a seed catalog from Sheepers and it hasn't dried out yet.  It was the kind of day I would have loved to sit and turn pages of their beautiful catalog and dream of spring.  Sigh.  Sheepers has enticed me in the past to invest in such "exotics" as amaranth (Love Lies Bleeding), an unusual, gorgeous plant with edible seeds, and bullseye (chiogga) beets.  Recipes are often included.

Beau, a neighbor, came by to look at the tractor implements.  Sadly, amongst the harrows, discs, and drag blades sitting unused in the yard, the one thing he wanted was an auger, and it was the one piece I'd sold.  Sigh.  Beau noted the large number of turkeys in residence.  We're coming up on breeding season.  The boys are strutting their stuff and fights break out.  A couple of toms were getting it on as Beau and I were walking out to the tractor, twining their necks in battle as the crowd around them cheered.  Beau and his wife Katie are recent arrivals from the Bay Area and are enthralled by the wildlife here.  I hope they never lose that feeling.

Bored by house arrest, it was a day to let the mind wander.  And dust.  And that's how bored I was.

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Kathryn Williams said...

You must have been VERY DUST! LOL. And I thought your "Sweet and Lo" was going to be from "The Music Man!"