Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Other Side

Rambunctious Ralph, always knocking anything and everything off any flat surface, dragging toys out of the basket and spreading them throughout the house, thundering up and down the stairs, ambushing his sister Celeste, and making mischief in general.  Who'd have thought he has such a gentle side?  Celeste becomes absolutely pushy as she herds me toward the treat bag in the kitchen.  She is insistent about claiming the best (warmest) spot on my lap, and she's been known to put out claws when she paws at my pants leg, her exclamation mark when she wants attention.  (I have explained to her that if she puts holes in me, I will leak.)

Ralph is primarily interested in his own entertainment, busy, busy, busy, off doing something or other and making a mess.  I would expect a full-blown attack or a body slam from Mr. Rowdy.  It then comes as a surprise whenever I feel the softest, lightest, feather touch on my shoulder and find Ralph behind me.  He can reach across the narrow aisle in the kitchen when I'm at the stove, or he'll be at my side while I'm washing dishes.  (Pat pat.)  "I don't mean to bother you, but it would be nice to have a treat, if you're not too busy."  Rarely does Ralph push his way into whatever space might be left on my lap.  More often, he'll lie on the top of the chair back, resting one foot on my shoulder to let me know he's there.  Lately, he's taken to jumping up on the tank when I'm using the bathroom facilities (why is it that Americans are reluctant to call the toilet a toilet?), and I won't even know he's behind me until I feel that touch.

During his everyday rough-and-tumble activities, Ralph makes me laugh all the time, but I do love to see his other side, gentle and affectionate.  Larry did me such a favor when he picked Ralph and Celeste to be my cat-panions.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Good job, Larry. I remember when they came to you and they were a bit older than you had anticipated and you missed the kitten stage...and they were such scaredy cats in the beginning...but they certainly have made up for it! Big smile here.