Tuesday, January 5, 2016

One Ringy-Dingy

Most of yesterday was spent on the telephone trying to locate people whose mail had been stolen along with mine, speaking with a couple and leaving messages where I could for others.  A call to the local post office had resulted in a call to to the Postmaster General's office and a transfer to the Investigation Division.  The ID stressed the importance of notifying everyone affected because it wasn't the found material, it was what the thieves may have kept for identity theft that was most important.  I've done what I can.

It wasn't a bad day to stay inside as it rained most of the day.  I caught a break in the morning and evening, but don't think I'll be that lucky today.  Awoke to a real howler of a storm and it hasn't let up.  Another day of cranky goats and soggy chickens.  Ah well.

My daughter had gifted me with two simmering sauces:  Indian vindaloo and a coconut curry, neither of which I'd tried.  Ohmigosh!  The night before, I cut up and browned a chicken breast, added onion, mixed vegetables, and the vindaloo sauce to bubble away.  I'm not ashamed to say I gorged at dinner.  I was planning to save the remainder for last night's dinner, but it kept calling my name and I ate it for lunch.  (And I don't usually eat lunch.)  Spicy, tangy, without a lot of heat, vindaloo was so satisfying on a rainy day.  Hmmm, is it too soon to try the coconut curry tonight?

The acorn situation seems to be resolving.  Every morning, I push out about a bucketful into the yard.  Every night, all those acorns are gone.  Squirrels, turkeys, deer?  I don't know, but the tide is turning and there are some happy, well-fed critters out there.  It will take months and I'll have to do something about the downed ceiling one of these days, but at least I can get to the birdseed without losing my footing.  There is a second problem, however.  Yesterday I noted woodpeckers still banking their bounty through the soffit automatic teller.  I hope they're not just redepositing.

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Kathryn Williams said...

No it is NOT too soon for the coconut curry, but since I'm a day late, I might read about it in the current blog. And too funny about the acorns - but at least SOME of them aren't being redeposited!!