Friday, January 22, 2016

How Does She Know?

As happens so often, I wonder what the animals are thinking.  Lately, I've "heard" the goats and chickens saying "How does she know?" when I leave the gate to the play yard open or shut the door to the coop and it's not raining.  I don't tell them that I watch the weather reports on TV and the phone app and know we're in for rain later in the day.  I prefer to keep the illusion that I'm omniscient.  I'm hoping no one gives away my secrets.

It is the same as when the Kids were little.  As long as I could hear them upstairs talking and/or laughing and/or crying, all was well (maybe not the crying).  When they all went quiet at the same time, I'd holler, "Whatever you're doing, stop it right now!"  And then I would hear whispering, "How does she know?"  For a short time when the Kids were still gullible, I told them I was a Twilo and had eyes in the back of my head.  (That's from a very old 1963 Dick Van Dyke Show episode.)  Hey, when you're outnumbered by two- or four-legged kids, you've got to have every edge you can get.

It had been a pretty fair day yesterday so it wasn't necessary to light Stove until sundown.  I got up to put another log on the fire last night and when I came back to what had been my empty chair, there was no room in the inn for me.  Why do I persist in calling it "my" chair?

Heavy, heavy overcast this morning and heavy, heavy winds are buffeting the house now.  The girls won't be asking how I know to leave their gate open today.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Twilo, huh? That's a good one, and yes, it always pays to keep the mystery with the children. And can't you just hear the goats and chickens saying, "Ohhhhh, now we get it - she looks at her phone and can tell when we will have rain" can tell them all you want and your secret will still be safe! LOL