Monday, January 11, 2016

Light And Dark

Light and dark, up and down, to and fro...take your pick.  It was one of those days.  A bright, beautiful, almost warm morning, and the girls all went to lie in the sun after their stint on the stand.  It was a perfect day to be outside; however, the Minnesota Vikings were playing in the Superbowl wild-card game against the Seattle Seahawks and I couldn't miss that.  One point.  We (Vikings) lost by one point.  Sigh?  No, cry.  As my Kids say, "And then depression sets in."  Now I've got to pin my sights on the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Hope springs eternal.

Suitable to my mood, by the time the game was over the gloomy cloud cover was also overhead.  Crum.  Another lost opportunity.

At sundown, the dark cloud bank had moved over to the west, leaving a sliver of light at the horizon and brightening the the trailers above.  The temperature dropped significantly and I hurried through chores to get back in the house to fire up the wood stove.

Somewhere in the 4 a.m. time frame, Ralph leaves his customary place in bed behind my knees and puts a soft paw against my face.  He's done it often enough that I know the routine.  I lift the covers and my redheaded cuddlebug goes into the blanket cave to snuggle against my chest and we both go back to sleep.  There are worse ways to start the day.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Ah the blanket 2 grand dogs, Chiweenies both, did the same thing and I had never seen it done before. One would think the oxygen would get pretty thin, but they loved it!