Friday, March 5, 2010

A Day Off

I took off yesterday...not from chores, but from the homestead!  I met friends for lunch in town at a real restaurant, not a drive-through, and there were cloth napkins and a glass of wine.  I did not wear bibbies.  We had conversations that did not involve animals.  I felt just like a grown up.  Maybe I'll try it again next year.

Evidently Stumpy was really bored during her day of solitary confinement in the laundry room.  She got herself stuck behind the wastebasket and, having nothing else with which to amuse herself, pecked rips and holes in the dryer vent hose.  Maybe she thought it was a tunnel to freedom.  I stopped at the hardware store on the way home, asking for one of those accordian-pleated hose thingies that goes behind the dryer.  After a short pause, the nice man said he'd show me what they had, and then asked what size I needed.  They come in sizes?  "Oh, 'bout this big."  "And how many feet would you like?"  "Oh, 'bout four feet."  Fortunately, it was too late to tackle the project when I got home.  It's my belief these things are much better done in daylight. 

The snow melted off in all but the most shaded areas, although the frost is so thick this morning, it looks like snow.  Esther, true to her word (at least for one day), trotted right into the barn last night with not a moment's hesitation.  It was a good day.


Mark said...

Your old "hose thingie" can be used for something - like an automatic egg delivery tunnel or - a veggie protector for your new young transplants or - cut it in half and use each half as waterproof shin protectors or - well you get the idea...waste not and want not. I've had my first glass of evening wine and obviously my creative juices are cranking up! PS: I'll take a picture of the Sun tomorrow to remind you what it looks like. It's going to be 70 degrees here tomorrow....finally. We just finished another week of 34 degree mornings and 60 degree days. Of course I suppose that's a "warming trend" for you.

Kathryn Williams said...

Bo...I just have 2 questions...did you wear a bra...and did your pants stay up??????