Thursday, January 19, 2012

Be Prepared

Downed power lines, blown transformers, lightning strikes.  There are lots of reasons to lose electricity up here.  Today we are going to have a scheduled power outage from eight-thirty until two-thirty; that's if "they" get done by then.  The letter sent out also mentioned that they might have to reschedule without prior notice.  I've done about as much as I can to get ready for this "inconvenience."  The worst part is knowing we'll be without water all day.  I made sure last night that all the animals have water.  I've filled the tea kettle and a big soup pot for drinking and rinsing, but one can't flush in advance.  Everything that needed recharging has been charged.

It is light enough now to see the overcast sky.  We've all been doing a rain dance lately (Joel says I should invite Dolly back), but they'll stop working on the power lines or whatever it is PG&E has planned if it rains today.  Catch-22.  Just in case, I went down to the feed store to restock grain for the girls yesterday, and brought more firewood up to the porch.

I took down one of the Christmas trees in the afternoon, including laboriously dabbing color-coordinated paint on each of the many individual branches in case the little stickers fall off.  I left the other tree to do today; it will be a good project to tackle that won't need electricity.

I've manned my battle station and am as prepared as I can be.  Oh, no!  I just remembered that if I don't do laundry and quick!, I won't have any clean socks for tomorrow.  Gotta go!

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Kathryn said...

Hope you got your laundry done. Hope PG&E gets their job done in the time window. Hope your rain comes tomorrow. Hope you get the Christmas tree down. Hope you don't have the need to flush too many times. Hope you have a great day...and a good book!