Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oh, the Joy!

Woot woot!  Winner, winner, chicken dinner!  The joy, the pure, unadulterated bliss that comes from taking down the reigning Perquacky King!  For ever so long, Larry has taken on any and all comers at this game and come out victorious.  We have a particular ceremony to acknowledge a game winner in which hands must be clapped and raised while declaring "Champion of the World!"  Well, meet the new Champion.  It's me!  Larry said it didn't count because there weren't any witnesses, so I promptly called and forced him to confess his downfall to Deb and Craig.  In retaliation, he soundly trounced me at Rummy and then hid the cards so I had no chance to recover.  That's okay, I rest comfortably on my Perquacky laurels.  (No, there's no competitive spirit in this family.  None whatsoever.  Wanna bet?)

Grey, cold, windy, was a great day!


Kathy V said...


Kathryn said...

"PerQUACKy Princess", he calls me PerQUACKy Princess all day,
As he plays his ukulele on the hill above the bay,
"PerQUACKy princess, I love you, you're the smartest Mom I've seen"
"Some day we're gonna rematch and you'll be my PerQUACKy Queen"

This works better if you Google the original tropical fruit song and hear Annette sing the real words, but these will do. Larry might be loathe to sing them now, so you might just have to sing them to him so that he knows the words for the NEXT time you beat him. And yes, CONGRATS, KUDOS, and WOOT WOOT!!