Friday, January 20, 2012

Perfect Timing

PG&E cut the power on the dot yesterday morning.  That's okay, I was ready for 'em.  Everything that needed washing, including me, was clean; everything that could be done, was done.  Under cloudy skies, it was still dry as I trundled a bag of grain down to the barn.  A change in weather triggers something in the animals; even the oldest girls were absolutely giddy, frisking about like kids instead of sedately eating their alfalfa in the pen.  Finished with the milking, it was so comforting on the way back to see smoke from the wood stove wreathing the chimney, knowing the house would wrap me in warmth when I walked in.  Switching the stove top from electric to propane was one of the smartest changes we made.  I heated water for a cup of hot cider and settled down with a good book.  I read for awhile, then got up to take ornaments off the remaining Christmas tree.  Frank very much wanted to be involved in the deconstruction, so that process took a little longer than anticipated.  Appliances ordinarily hum, thump, and gurgle unnoticed with a life of their own.  With no electricity, the house becomes unnaturally quiet.  I could hear the field crew laughing and singing in my neighbor's vineyard as they cut back the vines and hurried to beat the rain.  PG&E crews also hurried with whatever it was they were doing; the power came back on just after one o'clock, well ahead of schedule.  The skies continued to darken and finally the rain came.  Perfect timing.

It was a good day.

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Kathryn said...

Wow, I'd say the "grand orchestrator" of it all was right on top of everything. Sounds like you, your socks, and your whole world got washed clean, and you stayed toasty warm after your morning chores. Yay!