Monday, January 9, 2012


Standing in the kitchen for days, going up and down stairs not climbed for years, going to bed late (and getting up in the night with Bessie).  I was tired and suffering from post-holiday letdown.  That's the only excuse I have for committing a huge social gaffe last night.  I completely forgot that it was Judy's Tenth-Year cancer-free party.  I was already in my nightshirt and just waiting for eight o'clock so I could go to bed when she called.  Even then it didn't click in and it wasn't until she asked where I was that I got that sinking feeling of realization and was overcome with embarrassment.  It was the best reason for a celebration and certainly not a party I would have missed for my friend.  I hang my head in abject shame for such a blunder.

Coming back up from putting the goats to bed last night, I was struck by the phenomenal glow around the rising full moon.  The night before, on my many excursions out with Bessie Anne, the moon was so bright that I didn't need to click on my lighted cap to see my way around the drive.  The moonlight washed out the stars.

I think Bess was as tired as I.  We both went to bed early and slept through the night.  Now I'm up, and she's snoring behind me on the bed.

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Kathryn said...

Congrats to Judy...and maybe you can take her out for a nice Chinese lunch to celebrate one-on-one. Great picture of the glorious moon - thanks!