Monday, January 30, 2012

Rush Hour

Once upon a time there were three cars headed north on Mt. Aukum Road, four cars headed south, and three cars waiting to turn one way or the other at the T-intersection on Fair Play Road.  The north- and southbound cars wanted to turn east.  It was total gridlock and, true story (I know, because I was in the fourth car going home), it made the traffic report on a local radio station.  I got a little concerned here yesterday.  Tree Guy's No. Two son and his girlfriend showed up while I was milking.  They came to split wood down in the pen.  Shortly after that (I'm still milking), Kellan and William arrived to scoop poop down in the pen.  Had one more car driven up, I was going to have to hire a traffic director!

Still whittling away at the stuff in The Hole, I came across a big stack of photographs that will definitely go in the "keep" pile.  There was the Lady Lucinda in her prime, and Louie the pig snuffling along.  That young man, my grandson Jake, was perhaps five years old and his daddy's hair wasn't grey when they were here for a Christmas visit.  Taylor, three, had crawled up on her Grandpa Steve's lap and they were both sound asleep.  There were other photos of many faces I'll never see again.  There was a traffic jam in my mind as memories came crowding in.  No wonder clearing The Hole is taking so long.  There are some things you just can't rush.

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Kathryn said...

And how nice that you don't have to rush it! Memory traffic jams are the best kind...unless someone is honking the horn behind you!