Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kicking Back

Even though it was a totally relaxed weekend, the day after company leaves is always just a kick-back day.  A nap in the early afternoon is obligatory.  There's always a load or two of laundry to do and the rhythmic thump-thump-thump of the dryer makes my eyelids heavy.  I do love to hang clothes on the line outside, but I sure am grateful for the dryer on blustery wet days.  I heard they got snow a little farther up the hill, but all we got was rain, wind, and more rain.  It's still too dark to tell what today will bring.  In the late afternoon I got started on some holiday-delayed sewing projects and was going great guns until the machine needle broke; my last needle, of course.  I've got to go to town tomorrow anyhow, but it would have been nice to finish something begun months back.  My ambition comes in fits and starts.  I can only hope it's still around after I get more needles.

While my neighbors and I welcome the rain, the animals aren't so pleased.  I had to alter the routine in the barn yesterday because the girls refused to go outside.  It was only after they'd been let, one at a time, through the inside door to the milking room for their breakfast bowl that I could push them out into the rain.  Once they'd gone up to the corner for the alfalfa, they did have shelter back at the barn, but they weren't happy.  The chickens have a choice, but it was a pretty bedraggled bunch in the coops at bedtime.

If nothing else, the plants got watered and the truck got washed.


Kathryn said...

Don't you just hate it when the needle breaks???? And I KNOW what you mean about ambition coming in fits and starts...when did THAT happen? Sure makes it hard to get things done somedays. Hope you get your needles and get back on track - between naps!

Kathy V said...

You know why goats don't like the rain? Because they are made of sugar, of course, and are afraid they will melt in the rain!