Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mid Winter Thoughts

Kathy V. did some research and found out that ground squirrels do, indeed, hibernate in the winter, going deep into their burrows and closing the openings with loose dirt.  I like my imagined cold-weather sojourn for the little critters better.  I envision them stretched out on some sun-drenched Miami beach, sipping tiny mojitos or Cuba libres with little paper umbrellas while The Girl From Ipanema plays in the background.  (I know--too much time on my hands.)

Flickers are back in the area.  They've been wreaking havoc over at Joel's, drilling holes in his log-cabin house and pump house.  Siding on my house has saved me from the same fate.  Before it was installed, the trim boards looked like the aftermath of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre with machine gun holes.  Flickers really are pretty birds, larger than our red-headed woodpeckers.  Sitting on the deck yesterday, I watched and listened.  Their call is a kind of "peeuw, peeuw, peeuw," followed by a deep-throated chuckle.

The girls' milk is going interstate.  Monday's customer called yesterday and asked for an extra gallon.  His son and wife were visiting from Oregon and were so taken with the goat milk at his house that they wanted some to take home.  I'm so proud of my girls.

It occurred to me as I sat in the sun on the deck after milking that I am now going to have to take down those Christmas trees that I (and Dolly) so laboriously constructed.  It will be interesting to see how long I can put that off. 


Kathryn said...

Can't you just hear the squirrels? "Darn it - that cold weather a while back tricked us into thinking it was time to hibernate and now we are down here when we could be having fun outside where it is so nice and warm! Mom...can we go outside and play for a while???" I DO like your Miami rendition, though!

Kathy V said...

This warm weather we are having around here is confusing to some squirrels. I saw two who didn't make it across the dirt road into the ranch. So much for my research. Squirrel hibernation must be more like guidelines rather than rules.