Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's A Treat

Just the sound of jingling car keys would set Dogie (Bessie Anne's predecessor) to dancing.  "Go bye-bye?" was every bit as exciting as "Dinner's ready."  She knew if I turned left at Fair Play Road we were going to the "cookie store," otherwise known as the feed store, where they keep an open box of dog biscuits for our local traveling companions.  A right turn meant we were going to The Big Road, a real road trip for her that might lead all the way to Diamond Springs and, with any luck, might take us on the freeway overpass!  For whatever reason, Dogie loved to go on an overpass and would look down with fascination on those little cars below.  That was the frosting on her cake.  It got to the point that if I picked up my keys just to move them and she heard, I had to take her out to the Blazer I was driving then and she would jump in the back seat and I, as chauffeur, would take her for a couple of spins around the driveway.  That dog just loved to go for a ride.

I am not deluded into thinking that Bessie Anne gets real pleasure from getting into the truck.  As a small pup, she broke her leg and anytime we went for a drive, it was to The House of Pain...the vet's office, for surgery or checkups.  For a long time, she wanted nothing to do with any vehicle, and I didn't blame her.  Getting the keys out was her signal to hide.  I really missed having her with me, and so started getting her leash before the keys and not giving her the option.  At first we would go no farther than the mailbox, gradually leading to the "cookie store" and so on.  Upon our return to the house, I would give her a treat and tell her how proud I was.  I haven't needed the leash for a long time now.  Bess will "load up" willingly, especially on trash days.  We just got back from the corner.  What hasn't changed is her real reason for going along.  She wants her treat!

This sunrise was my treat this morning.

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Kathryn said...

And this blog and that picture were MY treat this morning...thank you Bo and Bessie Anne!