Friday, January 13, 2012

Girl Talk

You might not think it to look at her with her squatty body and her scruffy hair, but Bessie Anne is very much a girlie girl.  She tries hard to be a good hostess to all guests, but she flirts outrageously with men, even in front of their wives.  She bats her lashes and looks at them with her big brown eyes while sitting at their feet, hanging on their every word.  She pulls every trick out of her bag, clearly saying, "Aren't I cute?"  Absolutely shameless, she throws herself on her back, all four feet in the air, wiggling with delight when a man succumbs and rubs her tummy.  She instinctively knows which men she can con into giving her a treat and which ones will play her favorite game of Scare Me.  (Craig is a total sucker for that one.)  Even Propane Guy has been known to go back to his truck for a doggy biscuit just for her.  Her self-opinion got jumped up at Christmas.  Deb and Craig gave her a new tag with her name and phone number engraved in fancy script, surrounded with facets that catch and reflect the light like diamonds (a girl's best friend).  She shakes her head to hear the jingle and watch the light dance.  "Finally, a little bling that befits my beauty!"


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Bessie the Beautiful Bling Babe...befitting I'd say!!