Tuesday, January 10, 2012


"Someone's been sleeping in my bed," said the Little Bear, "and here she is!"  In my case, it is the Mama Bear who finds the sleeping girl on the Mama Bear's side of the bed.  At night, blond Bessie Anne lies on my side until she gets a shoulder massage and then reluctantly and with much urging moves over.  She can't wait for me to get up in the morning so she can move back to my spot.  She obviously knows what pillows are for.  Fortunately for me, she doesn't drool in her sleep.  Between Bess and the cats, this is about as much as my bed gets made.  (God forbid I should disturb a sleeping creature.)

One of my most touching (pun intended) gifts this year is this large cotton towel, folded to show, with prints made by Calendula and Anara (three- and one-year-old girls) with the help of their mama.  It puts new spin on a "hand" towel.  Calendula's hair is red gold, Anara's is pure gold.

I love all the Goldilocks in my life.

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Kathryn said...

If they wanted to put a picture in the dictionary to define comfort and contentment, Bessie Anne would win, (colorful) hands...er paws down!