Friday, January 6, 2012

Lick and A Promise

The journal is going to get short shrift today; it's my Christmas Eve.  It matters not that I've had two weeks longer than the rest of humanity to get ready, there's always that last-minute flurry of activity.  All day yesterday was spent in the kitchen; today will be no different.  Since Craig joined our family, a huge pot of chili verde served over rice has become our traditional Christmas dinner.  It's one of his favorite dishes and the one he requests.  It's a one-pot meal (well, two, if you count the rice cooker) and everyone can serve themselves, so it makes my job easier.  After all the other rich and sweet holiday foods, something spicy hits the spot.  I cut up ten pounds of pork butt yesterday and will brown it up this morning; the gallons of stew will need to simmer most of today and overnight in the oven.  I need to get cookin'!

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Kathryn said...

I can smell it from here and it is wonderful! And Merry Christmas one and all!