Sunday, April 22, 2012

All Rise!

The sun is rising earlier; it's light enough to see by five-thirty now.  The temperature has soared twenty or thirty degrees in the last couple of days, well into the eighties, pushing hard on ninety.  Wasps are out in large numbers, hovering up by the eaves of the house and the barn, looking for likely nest sites.  All the windows are up and open wide day and night.  All that grass I mowed down last week?  It's shot up at least six inches.  The best sign of the changing weather is the tan on my arms that is rising like flood waters in the levees.  The high-water mark starts with hands and wrists, moves up to forearms, then a bit above the elbows as long sleeves are pushed higher, and, if today is anything like yesterday, I may have to go the full monty and put on a tank top.  It's perfectly appropriate that we move on into summer; I just wish it didn't happen in two days.  I don't acclimate that quickly.

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Kathryn said...

Ya, and what about your spring? What happened to your spring? Maybe Mother Nature is just sending up a trial balloon and testing the waters to see if you guys are ready for summer. Maybe you can vote and tell her to wait until June and then just sort of E.A.S.E into it!