Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sitting Up

When asked, "How are you?," a doctor I once knew would always respond, "Sitting up, taking nourishment, thanks."  After the tax-time trauma of the day before, yesterday was a day to sit in the sun, retreat into a book, keep the wood stove cranked up, and sip some of Judy's chicken soup.  Company is coming today, balm of another sort.  Easter dinner is the least taxing (there's that dreaded word again) of all holiday meals, so I shan't have to exert much effort there.  In other words, I'm recovering nicely.

Who would think to find thrill-seeking behavior in mice?  If there really is a mouse circus somewhere, I've got some contenders for the center ring.  Ruffles is sitting at the right corner of the door opening, having climbed there on the diagonal support (click the photo).  He's catching his breath before launching himself out into space like a bungee jumper without the bungee.  To see this once was startling; I thought he'd fallen and was sure I'd find him splatted on the ground.  To see him do this again and again was amazing.  There are tightrope walkers and rope climbers in my troupe, as well.  I have the best seat in the house for the smallest Greatest Show On Earth!

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Kathryn said...

No KIDDING???? Why Ruffles, you daredevil, you! Almost 40 years ago I was in Hawaii at Coco Palms on Kauai and they had some goats behind a chain link fence. One of the goats appeared to have its horn stuck in the fence and its front feet were off the ground. Being totally naive, I desperately worked to free the stuck goat's horn. With front feet on the ground once again, he looked at me, and under his breath must have said, "Haha, I did it again - fooled one of those silly haole visitors," as he then proceeded to give a little hop and hook a horn in the fence once again, and dangle there...waiting for the next sucker! What a character - what a game. I DID feel a bit of a fool to be tricked by a goat!!