Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Back Again

It's not a bad thing that spring is taking its time in coming.  For sure, I need to ease into the gardening routine.  A couple of hours on the mower and weeding just one tub gave me a backache that required a day of sitting to recover.  The morning had promised a beautiful day, then the cloud cover moved in and took away whatever guilt I might have had for plunking down in front of the television after barn chores.

I did make a run up to the market in Pleasant Valley in the afternoon.  The store was abuzz, all of the checkers chattering about the crime spree of the night before.  It seemed that a couple of ambitious thieves had stolen a forklift from the hardware store across the road, driven it over to the market, crashed through the doors, and attempted to steal the huge safe inside.  Thwarted by the immense weight, this daring duo stole six packs of cigarettes (not even cartons!) and took off.  Ambitious, yes.  Smart, not so much.  They wore masks, but not gloves, and left fingerprints everywhere.  Pretty exciting stuff for a small town.

Moving a little better today, I need to get the trash down to the big road.

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Kathryn said...

Exciting stuff indeed! CSI, here we come! Hope there's a "wiggle in your walk" and nary a groan when you go to sit!