Wednesday, April 4, 2012

In the Company of Men

In the military, a company consists of 80-225 men.  The men in my company at Farview yesterday were four.  Clay arrived shortly after morning chores.  We took advantage of the gorgeous day to stand in the sunshine on the deck and talk, later moving over to chairs in the shade.  It had been a rough week for Clay.  I could see him visibly relax as Farview worked its magic.  There's just something about the views and country sounds here that ease the spirit.  Earle showed up to get his milk and eggs and he, too,  sat down to chat.  He had business to discuss with Tree Guy, so I made a call and TG came over.  Beer and sodas were passed around and a party spirit prevailed.  Some time later, Earle and TG left to determine what work was in the offing at Earle's property.  Joel had recently given me a jar of home-grown tomatoes he'd canned with red bell peppers, also from his garden.  That was the inspiration for an early dinner of Creole shrimp and rice.  Clay and I had just finished the last bite (delicious, and, yes, I am bragging) when Tom popped in for a beer and talk at the table, and a gallon of milk to take home at sundown.

Clay and I went out to tuck the chickens and goats in bed, I wearing my hard hat with the bright lights.  With just a rim of red sunset at the horizon and a full moon appearing once and again behind gathering rain clouds overhead, we stood in the quiet and watched bats flitting after bugs drawn by the beams from my hat.  Without the lights, we'd never have known the bats were there, swooping so close in the night.  Throughout the day we'd talked of family and friends, those who'd left us and those with us still.  The first raindrops pattered as he closed his car door and waved goodbye.

It was a good day.

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Kathryn said...

Sounds like you were the perfect broker, vendor, hostess, and friend! A good day INDEED!!