Friday, April 27, 2012

Fact Or Fiction

With all of the trials and tribulations yesterday, I also had to make a run to town, something I love to do (she said sarcastically).  However, as I rounded a bend on Pleasant Valley Road, there was a dogwood tree full of gorgeous white blossoms.  Local legend has it that there will be one more snow after the dogwoods bloom.  I've found it to be so in the past, but we'll see.  It's getting pretty late in the season for snow.

There are many trees in bloom right now, girls in frilly pink or white dresses standing with their tall pine escorts wearing green.  There is a low-growing, thorny bush that I know only as buckbrush, and even that has put out white flowers.  Only one manzanita bush grows here; it has pink blossoms.  It's as if each plant is vying for attention, probably from bees, but they certainly have me looking.

Birds are calling, the sun is coming up, it's not raining.  I have high hopes for today.

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Kathryn said...

"She's got high, Apple Pie, in the sky-iy-iy hopes..." Yum, I think you should make an Apple Pie - you deserve it! And I DO remember a few years ago that there was snow in Northern California on my cousin's birthday...May 10! The legend in Ohio is that there will be 3 snows (major down to minor flurries) after the forsythia blooms!