Friday, April 20, 2012

They've Taken Over

Like some legends, I am in control only in my own mind.  As Pearl and I went out to throw down the bird seed, this big tom turkey came running out from behind the oak.  As these birds are normally skittish, it was somewhat startling when he kept coming at us.  I thought he'd take off when I scattered the seed.  Silly me, that's what he came for!  I have to change where I throw the seed daily, as the undergrounders come up for their breakfast, too.  I won't be too surprised if some morning there's a head popped up in every hole, mouth wide open, saying, "Just put it here, lady."
The strangest part of this episode with the turkey is that he stayed around all day, parading back and forth in the driveway in front of the house.  Is he an outcast?  Is he a scout for a flock?  Is he moving in?

The mice in the barn don't wait for me to leave before climbing into the feed bucket.  Between milkers, I set the bucket up on a shelf.  The barn birds swoop so close their wings ruffle my hair as they go to rummage around in the pail while I'm otherwise occupied.  Now I have to look before scooping out breakfast for the next girl up because there might be a mouse in there.  I've got to either tip the bucket or lift out the little creatures.
The voles would do better to stay in their burrows.  There is a glut on the market right now, so much so that the cats are eating just the choicest cuts, leaving the remainder on the porch, on the drive, on the deck for me to clean up.

I live to serve.  I'm not in charge.

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Kathryn said...

Oh man, you AREN'T in charge, are you? You live to serve, to clean up, AND to buy gourmet food for the natives. Like you said, in addition to goats and chickens, maybe you can claim the mice, birds, and turkeys as your dependents. After all, they are on YOUR dole! And good photo that you even caught the fur on Pearl's back at attention.