Thursday, April 26, 2012

Domino Effect

Gonna give this a try.  It's been a helluva morning.  Started out well.  Coffee, back to the computer, wrote the blog, tried to publish it...and then it all went down hill.  Started getting funky messages, all pertaining to failure of browser to connect to website.  I'm not totally computer illiterate, but nothing I knew to do would fix the problem.  Chickens have been fed and freed from the coops, goats have been milked and released into the pen, Thursday milk buyer has been here and gone...all late, late, late.  My fault and nobody else's.  Those who do not smoke will not appreciate the added frustration of running out of cigarettes.  Two days of rain have left the fields soggy and I'm wet to the knees, squelching around in sodden socks from slogging through the thick grass.

Received a call from Judy and text messages from Linda and Kathryn asking if I were okay because of no blog entry.  It's more than comforting to know that 1) the blog is being read and 2) I'm being watched over by caring friends, and not necessarily in that order.

Other than I'm ready to spit nails, all is well at Farview Farm. 

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