Monday, April 23, 2012

The Big Bang

The day started off with a bang.  I was enjoying an early morning phone chat with my daughter Deb when there was a huge whump! that shook the windows, followed by a sound like rolling thunder.  What the heck was that?!  Had it not been for the after-sound, I'd have thought it was a very nearby tree going down.  California born and bred, I've been in any number of earthquakes, but this was not an earthquake.  A little later, Judy and I conferred and finally decided it was going to be another of life's mysteries.  I went about getting ready for chores and then Judy called again.  It had been on the news:  it was a meteor!  Being Sunday, I had to wait for the five o'clock news for details, but in my mind I envisioned another Crater Lake being formed.  Turns out the sound was the sonic boom as the meteor passed overhead and fragmented into rubble.  Others had actually seen it pass over.  That sucker had to have been close!  One mystery solved.

In the afternoon, I heard an unfortunately familiar thump on the big window in the living room.  It does happen that birds will hit the glass.  I always go out to see because if the bird is just stunned, I will move it to a safe place to recover just in case one of the cats is looking for easy pickings.  Yesterday, this little jewel of a bird was lying on its back and I thought perhaps it was beyond saving.  Looking closer, I could see a beady little eye looking back at me.  I turned it over so the tiny lungs would have a better chance and in a minute, he stood up to get his bearings.  He and I sat together for some time before he regained his senses and flew off.

I like happy endings.

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Kathryn said...

I LOVE happy endings. Good grief...close encounters on every front. I had NO idea that meteors could cause a sonic boom, and how lucky for little ruby-throated boomer! Your critters are SO fortunate to have you, and so are we. GREAT photo! (Think I'll title it "Bo and Little Boomer!"