Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Open and Shut

Open the windows.  Shut the windows.  Open, shut.  Open, shut.  It's that time of year and the windows are my only means of air conditioning as the temperature soars, then plummets.  It's my springtime exercise program.

My friend Arden and her little dog Audrey accepted an impromptu invitation to lunch yesterday.  I must give Bessie Anne extra points; she's the Perle Mesta of the dog world.  She graciously allowed Audrey to root through her toy basket and pick one of her favorites to toss and chew.  She shared her bowl of dog food; after all, the invitation was for lunch.  Audrey, for her part, was the perfect guest.  She did not invade Frank's downstairs sanctuary (Pearl wisely stayed out in the feed barn), and she asked appropriately to be taken outside when the need was there.  Oh, yes, and Arden behaved herself, too.  I'm teasing, of course.  Arden is one of my "bestest" friends.  We never run out of topics for conversation.

It doesn't look like the predicted rain is going to come today.  I'll have to open the windows.


Kathryn said...

As you say, "It sounds like it was a good day indeed!" And I hope you and your windows have another Goldilocks day!

Kathryn said...

THURSDAY! Bo can NOT access the blog today and can't get their help desk, so stay tuned for the next installment...whenever she can make it work. Thanks for reading!!