Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cold Day, Hot Dogs

We awoke again to drizzling skies and chill air.  Geared up as if it were January and not almost June, I had just started on the first milker when the rest of the herd, eating breakfast at the corner of the pen, threw up their heads, wheeled as one and thundered back to the barn.  Unbelievably, after what we went through not so many months ago, there were two of my neighbor's dogs again, running at the fence and barking at the goats.  I used my cell phone first for photos and then to call Animal Control.  The dogs eventually ran back to their own property.  Barn chores took longer than usual because the girls were spooked and reluctant to come into a confined space.  Later in the day, I received several hateful, accusatory text messages from my neighbor, who had apparently been hit with a hefty fine from Animal Control.

Bessie Anne is recuperating.  She doesn't care much for the two pills twice a day (and they are big pills), but the extra treats help.  She's also getting a soft diet to help her raw throat.  I could have made do with an extra jacket, but it was a cold day and I thought a fire might make her feel better and she snuggled close to the wood stove to snooze.  She could get used to this invalid routine.

The skies are clear this morning.  I'm hoping for a better day today.

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Kathryn said...

I'll add my "hope" along with that, and picture blue skies, just the right amount of sunshine, and a doggie who is feeling more perky and less droopy!!