Thursday, May 10, 2012

Time Warp

My usual cry is, "Where did the time go?!"  I've been getting down to the barn earlier in an attempt to beat the heat (ninety-four degrees yesterday in Diamond Springs), but getting back to the house later.  How could that be?  I knew I wasn't dawdling, actually hurrying a bit more.  It took a couple of days to figure out this time warp mystery.  It's the goats' fault!  It was a case of putting two and two together, or, in this case, two hundred and two hundred.  The girls have been feeding on the lush green grass in their pens and have jumped up their milk production to the point it's like milking an extra goat (or two).  Each girl accounts for an additional two- to three-hundred squirts and the milk is darned near filling both of the two-gallon buckets.  No wonder it's taking longer!

Because of the sudden rise in temperature, with no cooling down in the near future, I started taking off the window covers to allow a cross breeze in the barn.  It might get a little chilly for the girls at night, but it's the only way to survive in the (late) morning.  I think the dogwoods were off their game this year.  The possibility of another snow is pretty slim.

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Kathryn said...

Yikes, that hardly seems fair that you start earlier but finish later. It certainly doesn't seem like you got much spring, AND that you have gotten hit with both barrels from a blast furnace. Maybe Mother Nature is just testing to make sure the heater is still working, and she will crank it down a notch soon!