Friday, May 25, 2012

Damsels In Distress

The day started out so well.  Good weather, barn chores done early, milk strained and eggs washed.  Ready, set, go!  Kellan arrived first, a bunch of fragrant, beautiful sweet peas in her hand.  They were my brother-in-law's favorite flower and always bring him to mind.  We'd concluded our business, loaded her purchases into her car, and said goodbye.  Back in the house, I looked out and saw that Kellan was still in the driveway, hood up.  Oh dear.  Car would not start.  We tried everything in our limited automotive arsenal to no avail.  Just then, my second customer of the day drove up.  No problems there.  Kellan made arrangements with AAA to come tow the car to her house; a half-hour wait.  In half an hour, AAA called and explained it might be another hour and a half due to multiple calls for assistance and only three drivers.  I'm sure it put a crimp in Kellan's day.  It simply gave me more time to enjoy this young woman's company.  We went out among the hummers to enjoy the flowers and view from the deck and then had time for a snack before the tow truck pulled up.  When he maneuvered her car to hook up, wouldn't you know that the beastly thing started right up?  He had some suggestions as to why it had failed before and then, kind man that he was, said he would follow Kellan through Bucks Bar to her turnoff in case there was a further problem.  That's customer service!

Later, Judy had planned to come pick up some eggs and called to say she was on her way.  And then called back to say she wasn't.  She didn't know that Joel, without realizing, had taken her car to do errands of his own.  No problem, the eggs will be here when she gets here.

My own little lady, Bessie Anne, woke me at two-thirty last night, frantic to go outside.  She'd been coughing earlier in the day and I thought she might have swallowed a foxtail that got caught.  Robe, slippers, hard hat, leash, and we went out so she could self-medicate with grass.  She grazed and retched for two hours in the dark and cold before coming back in to get some sleep.  I fear we'll have to make a trip to the doctor's today, as she's still crying and coughing in between naps.  I'm hoping for the same happy ending as the other damsels had.

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