Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nada Paso

"Nothing happened (nada paso)."  That was the first thought in my mind when I sat down to write about yesterday.  I seem to be on a one-day-on (work hard), one-day-off (do nothing) schedule.  Then I took a good look:  Kellan and Will came early, laden with a box of veggies for me, to continue work in Nineteen's stall.  Will uncovered a nest of tiny, pink, hairless baby mice.  Gentle man that he is, he moved the nest into the nursery stall and we all hope the mama will find them there.  We did work out a Plan B so that the goats' routine was not disturbed this time and the milking went smoothly.  I was afraid the girls were slowing down work in the stalls by demanding to have their heads rubbed; I could hear Will and Kellan laughing and talking to them.  Will said it was no problem, it gave them an excuse for a short break between hauling buckets of poop.

Later in the day, Tree Guy drifted through and we made a plan for work on the wood piles (maybe Thursday).

Hummers are showing up in great numbers now, slurping up "juice" as fast as I can make it.  In the beginning, I would buy the packaged commercial powder for these little birds.  Then more and more would show up at the feeders and the cost became prohibitive.  Looking at the ingredients, I found that the only difference between it and plain sugar water (at a one-to-four ratio) was red dye.  I go through a lot of sugar in a season, but the joy of being so close to these flying jewels far outweighs that cost.

Frogs of all sizes are showing up everywhere.  Little green peepers up to large, warty toads.  They sing from their flower pots on the deck.  They hop ahead of me on the path at dusk.  They eye me from underneath logs.  They sit on the porch to watch the sunset.  I really like frogs.

As I reviewed the day, I saw I was wrong.  A lot happened.  It was a good day.

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Kathryn said...

Bo and her critters does indeed make for a nice day and a wonderful read. Thanks!!