Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Honor Guard

The flag snapped in the wind and bright sunshine yesterday, hanging from the flagpole at the corner of the deck.  Memorial Day.  One doesn't wish others a "Happy Memorial Day," as it is a day for reflection and reverence for those who died for their country.  There is a long history of military service in my family.  My great-grandfather's discharge papers from the Army of the Confederacy hang on my living room wall, my father was a soldier in World War I, and many others, including my sons, have served in ensuing conflicts.  We are fortunate in that all of our servicemen came home after their tour of duty.  I fly the flag on Memorial Day with respect for those who did not.

At sundown I went out to bring the flag in, and there in the front pasture were three deer.  I know I tend to read more into the actions of animals than may be there, but these deer faced the flag and stood motionless at attention until it was lowered and folded.  The bugle blowing "Taps" was just in my mind.  The honor guard was real.

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Kathryn said...

Wow, what a wonderful show of respect and an honor guard to enjoy. We, too, have servicemen of whom to be proud in my family. Thank you all who have served or are serving, INCLUDING the military dogs!