Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Was This Close

"Drivers, start your engines!"  Every NASCAR race begins with those words.  I could hear the roar of the crowd as I fired up the little tractor yesterday.  I was thinking Daytona, but given the varied terrain, it was probably Infineon at Sonoma.  Because the mower has a right-hand throw, it was "Left turn, left turn, left turn" in the slowest race ever.  Up and down the driveway, around the obstacle course in the side yard, almost fell into the squirrel pits in the front yard, coming close to the wall in the back yard, heading to the west point and...just as I could see the white flag and the finish line ahead...I ran out of gas and got a DNF (did not finish).  Dang it!  Ah, well, that's racing. 

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Kathryn said...

I would love to be inside your DO have fun in there, don't you? Just too bad you can't train the deer and turkeys and lizard and squirrels and mice...or for that matter, Frank and Pearl and Bessie Anne to be your pit crew! Now wouldn't THAT be a cute sight!