Friday, May 11, 2012

Going Green

"Going Green" is the in thing to do these days.  Heck, we up here have been doing it for years.  Even on the road, hill people are easy to identify and distinguish from traveling flatlanders.  We all drive green vehicles.  This is the time of year when the oaks coat everything with a mantle of sticky green pollen.  Even though I had done it the day before, I had to use the wash/wipe thingy again so I could see out of the windshield when I drove down to Mt. Aukum yesterday.  Chairs and tables on the deck--green.  Deck railing--green.  We take "going green" seriously.

Tree Guy did a good job yesterday of moving most of the cut wood out of the side yard, some to the wood pile, some to the burn pile (which he burned).  He also cleaned a lot of accumulated bark and other debris from under the oak (the one that is so generous with its pollen).  That meant it was my turn.  I spent the afternoon on the mower.  Front yard, side yard (finally!), driveway, back yard, over by the chicken pens as far as I could get.  'Round and 'round she goes; where she'll stop, nobody knows!  The sun was dropping when I shut it down, climbing off and stumbling back to the house.  There is no such thing as "even ground" here, and riding the mower is like spending hours on a bucking horse.  There's still the west point to tackle today, but I'd had it.

One more chore to do before sundown, taking down the sweet-smelling laundry from the line.  Bess and the cats lay on the newly mown grass while I unpinned and folded the clothes, and we all watched the deer in the front pasture.  It was a perfect ending to a pretty darned good day.

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Kathryn said...

If only you could have encouraged a stray antelope (Do you have those up there?) to come cavort with your deer, you could have had the whole "Home on the Range" covered as the sun was setting. Sounds like a good and productive day!