Monday, May 7, 2012

Shut Your Eyes (and Ears)

The barn is a hot and steamy place these days, and I'm not talking about temperature.  S-e-x is rampant.  It's not enough that the goats are taking out their frustrations in ongoing battles, now the birds are getting in on the act.  In the area of the dormitory next to the milking room, there is an unused shelf high up.  It has become a scene of seduction for the sparrows.  As the rooms are separated by half-walls and hog panels, I have no way of avoiding being a voyeur.  I don't know what line the male gives the female to entice her over to the bachelor pad, but he must be a pretty smooth talker.  I do know he keeps up a constant chatter, undoubtedly telling her of his undying love and that he will still respect her in the morning.  Surprisingly, he gently covers the female repeatedly, and she sits submissively waiting for him.  I'm more used to the action in the chicken pen, where the boys roughly grab the girls by the back of the neck to hold them down, the hen squawking bloody murder for the second or two the act takes.  The sparrows are definitely more gentlemanly in their approach.  They don't call them "love nests" for nothing.

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Kathryn said...

The Sparrow Seduction sounds like a 1940s movie with only innuendo, and the Chicks Gone Wild sounds like a current tell-all!! You DO have a way, Ms. Bo, and I LOVE it!