Sunday, May 20, 2012

Poppy's Spa Day

Timing it just right, Shearer Guy arrived in the early evening so he could give Poppy her summer "do" and pedicure in the shade, easier on both of them.  It also meant I could put the goats into the barn for the night, otherwise they'd have been poking their noses where they shouldn't and generally making pests of themselves.  After all, this was Poppy's spa day.  Shearer Guy isn't a big man, but he works so quickly and confidently that Poppy doesn't fight him at all.  Including the hoof trim, the entire job took less than ten minutes.  In the past, there have been shearers who took much longer and left Poppy looking like she'd been attacked by wolves.  SG has never nicked her once.  He makes no "second cuts" that leave short bits and pieces of wool, causing noils when spinning.  Her entire fleece rolls off as if in one piece, easy to bag up.  Poppy looks as relaxed as if she'd had a full-body massage.  When she got up to join Sheila in their stall, her short wool coat fairly oozed lanolin.

Until Shearer Guy arrived, it was a total race day, starting with the Pit Crew Challenge in the morning.  How six guys can change four tires, fill the tank with gas, run forty yards and then push a car back those forty yards in seconds, not minutes, seconds! is unbelievable.

Watching the Preakness was like watching a rerun of the Kentucky Derby.  "I'll Have Another" came from back in the field and beat "Bodemeister," who had run in front from the gate, again.  I can't wait for the last jewel in the Triple Crown at Belmont in three weeks.  It's been thirty-four years since a horse has won that honor.  Maybe this is the year, and "I'll Have Another" is the horse.

To top off the day, NASCAR ran the All-Star Race in the afternoon.  Not for points, this race is for bragging rights and a lot of money.  It's every man for himself and they go all out; it's just a lot of fun for drivers and spectators.

It was a good day!  (Just ask Poppy.)

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Kathryn said...

It LOOKS like it was a good day. I can't believe Poppy is so docile, but I guess she knows that she is in for a treat! And it sounds like maybe this year you will have some wool to spin!