Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tale Of The Dragon

9/17/14, 9:30 p.m., 27,930 acres.

I recently read that a firefighter said there is a dragon in every fire.  The King fire dragon is a living being, devouring everything in its path, breathing flames and belching smoke.  The smoke cloud changes character hourly and it is awesome, in the most powerful sense of the word.  Like watching an impending train wreck, it's impossible to turn away even knowing pain and devastation will follow.  I had several different vantage points yesterday when I made a quick run to the feed store.

9/18/14, 6:46 a.m., 70,944 acres.

Winds were strong out of the southwest yesterday, driving the fire northeast up towards Hwy. 80 and closer to Lake Tahoe.

Regardless, life here goes on as we know it.  Once again I'm in the throes of making cheese for Sunday's Market.  The heat caused three batches to blow up and all had to be thrown to the chickens.  Time and resources wasted.  Tim commissioned me to paint identifying signs for each of the vendors, but it's hard to sit and be creative when dripping sweat.  Out-of-towners are coming for an overnight visit next week and that sends me into a tizzy.  Heidi, whom I've never met, is a Bay Area city gal and I had to warn her to bring old clothes and, especially, old shoes.  Women have shown up before in high heels and fancy dresses; doesn't work here.  This is the worst time of year to show off Farview:  dry, brown, hot, dusty, and dead leaves cover everything (including the dratted deck again).  Bessie stands at the edge of her pool and I splash her with warm water.  There is no room for her amongst the leaves in the pool.  Robert was in the midst of a crush yesterday morning.  Evidently something went wrong with the auger.  I heard him yelling, "Turn it off!  Turn it off!," and it ground to a halt.  I didn't hear it fire up again.  White smoke to the north, blue smoke from the south.  (I've heard Robert before.  He's French-Canadian and can cuss in several languages.  He puts me to shame.)

I'm dragging my feet today.  I know I've got to dust, and I don't want to.  See how I am?

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Kathryn said...

Crossing my fingers that all are safe. And I do hope your heat dissipates. Good luck with the Sunday sale.