Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sitting Around

I've been pretty sedentary the last few days, but there's a reason.  The cool weather has made a lap-kitty out of Celeste.  In addition to herding me to the kitchen for treats, she now directs me to my chair and darn near pushes me into it, immediately leaping to my lap and settling in.  She smacked Ralph's face when he thought he'd like to try cuddling too.  With the deliciously chilly nights, my sleeping habits have changed.  Bess jams up against my back, Ralph sleeps on my feet, and Celeste once again picks the prime real estate in the warm curve by my belly.  We're a cozy bunch, but it prevents me from turning over as is my wont.  Ah, well.  As long as they're happy.

It's no longer necessary to be on watch for the King fire.  Rain again last night put a real damper on the dragon (but brought danger of mudslides), and it's wonderful to know that the firefighters are beginning to demobilize.  We're not out of fire season yet, but at least one monster has been put at bay.

The little red hens are running with the big dogs now.  I look out to see them scratching and pecking in the midst of the flock of turkeys under the oak.  They look like puppies amongst dinosaurs.  Two come right to me at bedtime, eager to go in the coop, and Ginger has found her niche on a bale of straw in the hay section of the barn.

Enough of this sitting around.  I need to get something accomplished today.

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Kathryn said...

Yay for Dolly's rain helping slay the dragon, and glad your world in peaceful...if not entertaining!