Tuesday, September 9, 2014

It's On The List

It was on the list to get the table and chairs I'd won out of the truck and reassemble the table yesterday.  Check.  No spare room in the house.  Where to put the new acquisition?  I think it goes quite nicely out on the covered part of the deck.  The colors go well with the pale yellow house, and it will be a pleasant place to sit in the shade or out of a summer rain.  Rain, you say?  Why, yes.  Yesterday began with a smattering of rain, only enough to dampen the deck, but it did rain.

One thing does lead to another.  The list has included raking leaves off the deck for some time now.  It's easier to ignore the list than one might think.  However, the new-to-me, gently used table should not have to sit on a ratty-looking deck covered with the fallen stuff and so it was time to take a look at the list.  This is the "before" picture of the long section behind the house.  Unfortunately, there is not enough room under the railing to just push the leaves off so they must be broomed all the way around.

This is the half-done results.  And this is where I stopped for the day.  The sun had dropped and putting the kids to bed was enough of an excuse for me (any excuse is a good one).  Dave and Clay are riding up today to assess what time and materials will be necessary to repair or replace the support posts under the deck before I have to put up yellow caution tape.  The leaves may have to wait.  Now where did I put that list?

Another photo from the goat show.  The end.

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Kathryn said...

That was quite a raffle to win a whole table and chairs!! The covered deck seems like a perfect spot!