Sunday, September 28, 2014

No Complaints

The sun played peek-a-boo in the clouds all day.  I could get used to this Goldilocks weather; not too hot, not too cold, just right!  After a spell of inactivity, I needed to get outside and do a little work.  That higgledy-piggledy wild grass the turkeys love had jumped the boundaries of the herb garden and moved over into the walkway.  With a root ball the size of a football, it has to be dug out and the dirt beat out of the mass of fine roots.  It's a chore.  Moving down the path to the side, digging as I went, evidently Bess felt I should clear the front walkway instead and she came and lay down right over the clump I was ready to attack and wouldn't budge.  I know when to follow the supervisor's directions.  Marjoram, yarrow, and thyme have also crept out of bounds, but at least there's a reason to keep them and they're not rampant and they smell good when stepped on.  It was warm enough to work without my jacket on.  Digging and beating, I cleared the walkway of two huge armloads of wild grass before calling it quits.  I sat for a few minutes on the porch in the afterglow of a job well done, watching the army of clouds march up from the valley to organize over the hills behind me.  I had no more than walked into the house when the first roll of thunder came.  Following my instincts, I hurriedly turned on the dishwasher, made a pitcher of hummer juice in advance, and unplugged the computer.  Bang!  Lightning flashed, thunder rolled, and the rain came down in buckets.  It went on and on.  It was late afternoon, but early by the clock for the kids' bedtime.  However, it seemed prudent to put them all in for the night and out of the wet.  Gearing up, I went out in the downpour.  Believe me, there was no hesitation on the girls' part; they couldn't wait to get inside.

Back in the house, I was called to duty and put on my Smokey Bear hat to look for the smoke Cam thought she saw.  Lightning can equal fire even in the rain, but fortunately it was not the case this time.  The truck isn't going to know how to behave; it hasn't been this clean in ages.

With wind changing direction constantly, discretion called for almost closing all windows or getting soaked sills.  I broke down and put the comforter back on the bed before gathering the snugglers last night.  It's hard to believe that a week ago we were sweltering, but a twenty-degree drop in temperature has really chilled the house.  I'm not complaining.  The rain has come at night and doesn't interfere and the days are perfectly lovely.

It was a good day.

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Kathryn said...

Wow, you really ARE having wild weather! Seems like you should be allowed as many Goldilocks Days as there are sweltering ones and freezing ones. Crossing my fingers!