Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Respect Your Elders

Dave has years of construction experience and was the logical choice to ask for help with the failing deck posts.  He and Clay came up yesterday to take a closer look.  Clay may have made a tactical error when he told Dave, "You're the boss."  Older brothers naturally assume that is their position anyway, but to be given the verbal okay solidifies their attitude, as Clay found out when he was given the tape measure and told to do this or that, go here or there.  Every job needs a supervisor and one can't argue with success, but every so once in awhile my oldest boy needs a reminder that I've still got seniority.  Clay is so good natured, he went along with the program (after all, he'd taken the helper's role voluntarily).  Kathy V. had given me three beautiful home-grown tomatoes that were perfect for BTs (BLTs without the L) for lunch.  Usually I hand out the sandwiches as they're made, but with sibling rivalry on the line, I had the boys (grown men, but my boys always) wait until I could serve them at the same time.  They do so make me laugh.  I have more smiles in my future because the guys will be back next week to replace two posts.

The leaves are off the deck.  Check that from the list.

It was a good day.

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