Monday, September 29, 2014

Heaven And Earth

Last year my niece sent me the most wonderful gardening gloves.  They're made of some space-age material, so thin I can feel the difference between a weed and a "plant," flexible, with a good grip.  The problem is, I don't often set out to do weeding, it's an impromptu thing with me.  After a drizzly start to the day yesterday, Bess and I went out in the afternoon for a walk and a breath of fresh air.  My motivation usually comes after the fact.  Before company comes and I'm rushing around, "good enough" seems the order of the day.  After they leave, I look at the place through their eyes and think, "Oh, good grief, I should have done this, that, and the other thing!"  I get used to seeing things a certain way, so it's not a problem for me.  Stepping off the deck, I actually looked at clumps of tall dried weeds nearby.  With damp soil, they were easy to pull out and didn't take much time.  My girl and I walked on to the drive and into the front yard.  It had gotten way too hot before I finished weeding the lavender bed this year.  "Well, that looks like hell.  What must my guests have thought?"  And I started pulling weeds.  I did think of those wonderful gloves sitting in the drawer, but knew if I broke the momentum, all would be lost.  And so I kept on weeding.  I like weeding.  Who wouldn't like a worthwhile project outside on a warm afternoon, my companion close by and with a view like mine, heaven and earth right in front of my eyes?

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Kathryn said...

Heaven and earth for sure...but I'm sorry, I don't like weeding...more than once. I figure if I get it all neat and tidy ONCE, that that should do it. I know your response..."So how's THAT workin' for ya??" HA - not well!