Monday, September 1, 2014


For those who, like myself, are less than enamored with housekeeping, I offer this handy hint:  invite back-to-back company.  Twice the pleasure and half the work.  Spiff up the house for the first guests and, unless they're a really rowdy bunch, it will still be presentable the next day for the second gathering.

I had this principle in mind when Arden came for dinner last night.  Because I didn't have to race around with dust rag and vacuum, there was more time to prepare a Russian pie.  It's a recipe introduced to me years ago by Linda, a vegetarian at the time.  It's easy, but a bit fussy.  Having made it once, I get a craving for it every so once in awhile, and Arden was up for a new experience.  I explained it was a vegetarian dish and I think she was afraid she'd go into meat withdrawal, so she brought kielbasa.  The ingredients for the pie sound like an odd combination:  cabbage, onions, mushrooms, cream cheese, hard-boiled eggs, marjoram, tarragon, basil, and dill.  The vegetables are all sauteed separately before layering in the shell, so the pie only needs baking to brown the crust and meld the juices.  The result is rich, filling, and so flavorful.  Arden agreed we didn't need the meat to complete the meal (but who's going to turn down caramelized sausage and onions?).  The recipe for Russian Vegetarian Pie can be found at  They include a recipe for the crust, but I always use my standby never-fail recipe for pie crust.  The photo doesn't do justice to the golden brown deliciousness awaiting.

There is an added bonus for hostessing two-fers, leftovers!  I highly recommend this practice to all.  As you-know-who would say, "Bon appetit!"


Kathryn said...

YES, a "two-fer" is a marvelous idea, and I am going to steal your phrase, as I, too, am "less than enamored with housework!!"

Linda Cox said...

I hadto laugh when I saw the keilbasa. You don't get much more "meaty" than that!