Sunday, September 14, 2014

Good To Go

It took some doing, but I made it to the phone store just under the wire to meet Deb and Craig.  It was one of those days when I hit every one of the seven signals in Diamond Springs on red, even though I was saying, "Green, green, green!  Come on, gimme a green!"  I even said please.  It turned out that Deb was also upgrading and we got the same phone, which meant we could, in theory, help each other with the learning curve.  I say we, but the truth is my daughter and son-of-another-mother bought my phone as an early birthday present for me; about nine months early.  The new phone has lots of bells and whistles and a touch screen (more about that in a minute).  The Kids picked out a case that is waterproof (probably because I put my old phone in the washing machine - twice), dust proof, and, just in case I am trampled by a herd of angry goats or turkeys, break proof.  All the syncing and switching stuff was done at the store.  I was itching to get my hands on the phone so I could start playing.

But first, I'd promised the Kids lunch at Bones.  On the way, we passed hundreds, literally hundreds, of bikers.  I knew Dave had organized a Mystery Ride but didn't remember that it was the day for Kacie's Ride For Hope, plus it was Saturday and good (hot) weather to be out on a motorcycle.  Bones being a biker bar, we were lucky to find parking space and there was enough leather in the bar to cover a football field.  They were a happy bunch, with many clubs represented and a lot of "civilian" independent bikers.

Back home at last, Craig took his obligatory nap while Deb and I got out our new toys.  Deb's phone had to be charged so we started with mine.  Aarrgh.  We ran into one problem after another.  That which should have been easy turned into an exercise in frustration.  One by one, we (she) got this and that working.  And then.  And then I tried using the blankety-blank touch screen to text.  I flunked texting over and over.  Cuss words flowed like water downhill.  We tried to find the instruction guide online (I'm big on instruction manuals) and ran into more problems.  Deb was as patient as could be.  Craig, wanting to help, cleaned the filters on the two little window air conditioners (I didn't even know they had filters).  Manual located (we'd asked Siri; yes! I now have Siri!, but Siri insisted on looking for Manuel), wrinkles ironed out, it was time for the Kids to leave at sundown and I can only imagine their relief as they drove away.  Goats and chickens put to bed and calm restored, I played with my toy until, believe it or not, I was texting and sending like a pro, those big old thumbs finally under control.

I was good to go in more ways than one.  My personal shoppers had brought up a new supply of two-ply TP.  (Photo taken with new phone!)

It was a good day.


Kathryn said...

I'm STILL not texting like a pro! I don't know HOW many times I have written "live" when it should be "love!" And yep, I have the same 2-ply!!

Emmy Abrahams said...

Smoke and heat..not a pleasant combination..nor what we like to think of as California. computer does same and love seem to be interchangeable....maybe it's where we hit the key ?