Friday, September 19, 2014


After nearly a week of seeing the terrible smoke cloud, this was a most welcome sight yesterday; cloud cover with moisture (we didn't get any rain, but that's okay).  These clouds were moving north over the burn area and gave the firefighters a bit of a break, at least enough to get containment at the south end near Pollock Pines and Placerville.  Cooler weather also slowed the fire's progress:  76,389 acres as of 6:30 a.m. today.  It is, however, heading up toward Tahoe.

Camille said that when the firefighters have a few hours off duty, they seem to find peace and respite from the danger and chaos by walking quietly among the animal pens at the rescue site at the fairgrounds.  The locals have really stepped up for the influx of personnel (4,429 on site):  free food at many restaurants in town, as well as food brought by neighbors; a moving company that has offered to evacuate anyone in need; Dr. Ric (my vet) opened his office to care for small pets and, if necessary, board them; and, of course, those like Camille who take care of displaced livestock.

Whether accident or intentional, it seems that this fire was set by man, not nature.  Five million dollars a day is the cost of fighting the King.  A man was arrested yesterday and his bail was set at ten million dollars.  How could anyone possibly recompense the State for expenses, or the families who were driven from their homes, or the firefighters for putting it all on the line to save lives and their families who send them off to work?  If intentional, no punishment is great enough.  If accidental, the person responsible is too dumb to be left out in society.  Just sayin'.  (And I'm not saying that the man arrested is the perpetrator:  innocent until proven guilty.)

In between making cheese, checking fire reports, and entertaining an unexpected guest, had to zip into town yesterday.  Needed to shop for groceries for next week's visitors.  It's somehow surprising that life goes on as usual during times of stress.  (Still haven't dusted.)

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