Sunday, November 16, 2014

Can You See Me Now?

Meanwhile, back on the farm, I'm back to washing windows.  Perhaps I shouldn't have done it, but I counted up how many windows there are in this house.  It's daunting.  Seven of the ten doors are 10-pane glass doors; that's 140 "windows" (both sides) right there, and two glass storm doors.  Add in 30 more real windows, give or take, and it's more than a two-day job just to clean the inside.  And that doesn't address the multitudinous mirrors throughout the house.  The mirrors are not for vanity:  I lived in a condo for a time and didn't want to buy artwork that might not fit the decor when I moved, so invested in antique mirrors to fill wall space.  I have a lot of mirrors.  I buy the large economy-sized bottles of window cleaner.

In the midst of this madness, I got enough cheese made to fill my quota for the Market today, and I'll take a break from washing windows.  It will be a good day.

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Kathryn said...

Oh my, you have earned your book-reading time or your TV-watching time! I'm thinking it is window washing time here for sure - but we don't have that many by any means!!