Tuesday, November 18, 2014


With the best of intentions, I did not get Bessie's pool cleaned.  I didn't want to be wet and covered in gunk when Milk Guy arrived.  (Hey, you take your excuses where you find them.)  It was a day to let the electronic servants do the work.  Put in couple loads of laundry (and I even used the dryer!) and run the dishwasher and ta da! there's a grand sense of accomplishment with little to no effort.

On our morning walkabout, there were three deer, a full-grown doe and two youngsters, down in the front orchard and pasture.  Back lit by the sun, they were stunning but the photo didn't show them to advantage.  Enjoying the warmth on the deck, I realized I'd shoved the "take" from Sunday's sale in my pocket.  My OCD comes out when money is concerned.  I like all the bills facing the same way and in descending order.  I scared the deer when I laughed out loud as I was arranging the bills to suit and saw this stamp.  "Not to be used for bribing politicians.  Amend the constitution."  Cheaper and more effective than a billboard, I guess.

The day was mild, but the temperature plummets at sundown.  I had a good fire going before putting the kids in for the night.  Two large does were grazing in the big pen as the goats, Poppy, and I paraded down to the barn.  The deer watched and then surprisingly went on eating even as I opened and closed gates and doors with a bang.

The hardest chore I did all day was changing the sheets on the bed, made difficult by the goofy cats and Bessie Anne.  Ralph and Celeste pounce and play while I'm trying to open and spread the sheets and make it nearly impossible to smooth the bedding.  Bess is so routine oriented that she wants to get in her place as soon as we turn out the living room lights and go down the hall.  Too short to make the leap, she stands by the bed and yips, waiting impatiently for a boost up.  Mission accomplished in spite of the house critters, it was the height of luxury to slip between fleece sheets and not have that shock of chill factor from cold cotton.

It was a good day.


Kathryn said...

Well I must have lost two days, because as I went to read Thursday's blog, I found that I had not read Tuesday's wonderful offering. The stamp on the bill is a riot. Were it that easy!!

Virginia Choi said...

Great story! +26,000 of us are trying to #GetMoneyOut of politics & spread that msg...Glad to see these StampStampede.org bills popping up all over the country! Thank you for sharing.