Sunday, November 9, 2014

Good Gets Better

 Some days start out well and then go south and you end up wishing you'd never gotten out of bed.  Yesterday was not one of those days.  The early morning sun caught the colors of the peach and plum trees and made them glow against the dark green of the pines.  It was a portent of what was to come.

My Kids give the best hugs ever.  No fakey-phony kiss-kiss for them.  A hug from any one of them wraps you up in an embrace that exudes love.  My Deb and my Craig (yes, I am proprietary) arrived shortly after I finished barn chores and had gotten started on a pie crust and egg salad for lunch, and everything came to a screeching halt while I got and gave welcoming hugs.  Bessie Anne said a quick hello to Deb, but she wasn't shy about going to Craig, her favorite "boy."  The Kids had some extra days off for Veterans Day weekend and were sharing one with me.  We worked together to make sandwiches and fries and I got an apple pie into the oven.  Conversation flowed.  Both Deb and Craig work hard at stressful jobs and it was grand to see them relax over the course of the afternoon.  Too soon it was time for good-bye hugs and "Love you!" as they drove away.

Sunset was determined to get into the act.  This was on the way to the barn.  I'm happy to report that Cindy had eaten her breakfast and had been grazing during the day.  Now it's Poppy who has my attention.  She's been arthritic for some time now, but yesterday she couldn't put weight on one leg at all and it was painful to watch her hobble around in the pen.  Poppy's getting pretty darned old in the sheep world, nearly 14, and I may have to make some hard decisions soon.
Just like the day, sunset got better and better.  It pays to take one last look before going into the house at dusk.

Some days are just plain bad, some are so-so, some are good, and, if you're very lucky, some are the best.  This was one of the best!

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Kathryn said...

Oh so happy for your grand Saturday. And the first sunset speaks to me with my colors.