Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Right, Left

Lists to the left of me, lists to the right.  Making lists is as far as I've gotten toward fall cleaning for Thanksgiving.  My thinking goes something like this:  I'm already behind schedule so I might as well finish the book I'm reading now and then go blue blazes on the lists.  (I've got ready-made lists of excuses, too.)

The buck and his ladies were in the yard again in the morning, and each cleared the four-foot boundary fence in an effortless, graceful leap.  More and more turkeys are showing up for breakfast, hanging out in the front yard while waiting and then running across the driveway to the buffet.  Bessie Anne got caught in the middle of traffic yesterday and the turkeys surged around her.  The expression on her face!

As soon as my milk customer drove off, I went to cast my election ballot.  I'm sure the guv'mint would prefer I mail it in, but I'm old-school and like the tradition of going to the polling place with my neighbors and putting that very American piece of paper in the box myself.  I liked that a father was accompanied by two young daughters and he was explaining to them exactly what he was doing and why.  Who knows what changes will be made in the process by the time those girls are old enough to vote; at least they'll have a memory of how it used to be.

 It was an "ordinary" sunset, but a pretty spectacular full moonrise.  
Celeste jumped the gun last evening.  I didn't get a chance to change into warmer sweat pants or grab the lap throw.  That cat is asleep as soon as she shuts her eyes, and she shuts her eyes as soon as she's in position.  I'd be hard put to give a reason, but I'm reluctant to disturb any sleeping animal.  By the time we went to bed, my toes were frozen and my legs were stiff, but Celeste was happy.

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Kathryn said...

Maybe you need to tell Celeste that if she waits UNTIL you get the lap robe/throw onto your legs, it makes a much cozier bed for her!! Fun, though, that she likes to cuddle.