Monday, November 10, 2014

Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!

The only "space" Sheila was lost in was between her ears.  Tessie was up on the stand when Sheila started firing off danger snorts, accompanied by Inga.  This did nothing for Tessie's peace of mind, sure she was about to be attacked by some unknown, unseen source.  Sheila and Inga were staring intently up at the big oak.  Of course I looked to see what was causing the panic and saw nothing but the turkeys.  Mating season must be rolling around again because all seven members of the Boys' Club were strutting their stuff, practicing their moves before approaching the females.  Goofy Sheila must have forgotten what the boys look like with tail feathers fanned out and continued to snort and pace.  Inga soon figured it out and, bored with Sheila's histrionics, wandered off.  Released after milking, Tessie couldn't get out of the barn fast enough, ready to flee the scene.  When she realized it was a false alarm, she gave Sheila a look that said, "Seriously?" and went up to munch alfalfa.  Sheila saw that the rest of the herd was calm and finally settled down, somewhat embarrassed, I'm sure.  She meant well.

I know that I'm becoming a bit obsessive about sunsets; I can't seem to quit.  Grey skies will come soon enough and these opportunities will be lost.  The lacy leaf filigree that gives such perspective will become stark bare branches.  To paraphrase Robert Herrick, "Gather ye sunsets while ye may...."  Carpe diem!

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Kathryn said...

You gather ye sunsets and I shall gaze upon the fair radiance! I didn't realize I could enlarge it to fill my screen, and it is breathtaking that way. And you are right - the charcoal-colored filagree of the leaves just makes it more awesome indeed!